​​​​STAY FOCUSED While Shopping
'Tis the season to have 10 million extra things on your mind!  Not that we don't always have our brains filled with so many things to do, but now we add even more!!! NOW it the TIME TO STAY FOCUSED!! It would be so easy to let our minds wander, as we attempt to go shopping AFTER working all day.  We probably haven't eaten since lunch and didn't think ahead to bring a snack, therefore we get to where we are STARVING and will just reach for ANYTHING handy to eat.  As we know, this type of eating does NOT  typically provide the HEALTHIEST of options for us, which lends itself to the extra pounds we gain during the holidays when we are eating the GOODIES we LIKE to eat, let alone the "junk" we grab along the way!  

Though caffeine may seem like the way to go to help you get through your time of shopping, you must also be aware that your SLEEP could be disrupted if you drink caffeine too late in the day.  Even when the affects have worn off, the caffeine itself lingers in your body all day and into the night, as it has a half-life of six hours.  This MAY interfere with your sleep, which then in turn sets you up for a rough day the next day.  You can see how this can create a cycle that would be hard to break after a while.

PLAN AHEAD and bring a healthy snack and some water to drink! Staying hydrated will help curb your appetite and help to keep you from getting HANGRY!  THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GET HANGRY!  Imagine half of the other shoppers out there getting HANGRY! This would NOT be a good situation!  Keep a bottle of water on hand and bring a healthy snack!  Something with low sugar and LOTS of PROTEIN should help keep you satisfied until you can get home or somewhere else with nutritious food! Set yourself up for success, as no on else is going to do it for you!

You may be asking, what does all of this have to do with my PERSONAL SAFETY???!???!??!  Well, it all goes back to MENTAL ALTERNESS and AWARENESS of your surroundings and AVOIDING CONFRONTATION (by being HANGRY)!!!  Believe it or not, there are people out there that are just LOOKING FOR VICITIMS this holiday season (and always)!!! DON’T make yourself look attractive to them, THIS IS NOT THE TIME YOU WANT TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!


Stay safe my ladies!!!



The personal safety tips provided on this page are to aid you in thinking ahead and being aware!  These tips are NOT,  in and of themselves, guarantees of your personal safety. They are a mere tool to use to ensure you are focused on your surroundings and keeping your personal safety in mind!

BY women, FOR women!

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