Holiday Parking

As women, we know and are aware of certain things about parking and parking lots, but as a woman myself and a mom, I HAVE to share some things you may or may not have heard before!! LOL.  Two things you will not hear me say are "Never go shopping alone!",   or "Never go shopping after dark"! OF COURSE these are great ideas, but this is NOT REALITY!! I realized many years ago, that sometimes you HAVE to go out alone and/or at night BY YOURSELF!! You're on your way home from work (at night) and you need milk for the kids in the morning.  Sure you maybe "should" have gone to the store earlier in the day, but for whatever reason you couldn't or, just maybe your family drank it all while you were gone!  Whatever the reason(s), these are just not realistic statements. Sooooo, instead of living in a cave, BE SAFE!  Here are some safety tips whether you are Holiday shopping or stopping by the store to pick up milk!


1. Park near a light at night to help with visibility - This will help you find your vehicle, see to put your items inside, help others to see YOU, AND will help you to see if there are others in or around your vehicle!

2. Be aware of who or what is parked next to your vehicle - When returning tock to your vehicle look to see if there is a Truck with camper shell?, a Van with sliding door near your door?, or cars with tinted windows that you cannot see into? IF you do see suspicious people in or around your vehicle, go back into the store or mall and wait it out or ask security personnel for an escort!!! (Be SMART & SAFE!)​

3. Always keep purse secure - Whether inside shopping, or returning to your vehicle, do not set your purse down as this will make it easier for someone to grab!  HOWEVER, if someone does grab your purse - LET THEM HAVE IT!!! Yes, it will be a pain in the butt to cancel all of your credit cards, etc., but it is better than being hurt or dead!!!  ONLY carry minimal cards and cash in your wallet and make a copy of what you have in there, so there is no guesswork as to what you need to cancel!! Check out this story of 74 year old woman who's purse was stolen on Black Friday! 

The personal safety tips provided on this page are to aid you in thinking ahead and being aware!  These tips are NOT,  in and of themselves, guarantees of your personal safety. They are a mere tool to use to ensure you are focused on your surroundings and keeping your personal safety in mind!

BY women, FOR women!

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