Spencer's Isshinryu Karate


Angie Spencer, Chief Instructor & Owner of Spencer's Isshinryu Karate - Sensei Angie began training in 1988, via a women's self-defense class.  She fell in love with what martial arts training provides: Discipline, Confidence, Fitness, Self-Defense & Friendship!

Sensei Angie has trained and trained with many great people throughout the years and looks forward to MANY MORE years of great training and learning!

Gail DeWitt, Head Instructor - Sensei Gail began training in 1992 and currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt.  Sensei Gail loves sharing Isshinryu with children and adults alike.  She loves helping people reach goals and achieve things they didn't think they could!

Angie Spencer
Isshinryu Karate

1988 – Began training – women’s self-defense class, while attending college. 2 nights a week, for 6 weeks – Fredericksburg, VA

1988 - Competed in first karate tournament
1989 – Became a member of IWKA
1989 – Met and trained with  Master Angi Uezu  from Okinawa for the first time– at Lebanon Isshinryu Karate Training Camp in Lebanon, PA
1989 – 1994 - USAFK competitions at state (VA Beach, VA) & regional levels (Akron, OH)
VA Commonwealth Games

1991 – Became a lifetime member of OIKKA

1992 & 1994  - USAKF – Referee seminars with Julius Thiry – in Fredericksburg, VA
1993 – Promoted to Black Belt.  Belt Presented by Grand Master Angi Uzeu & competed in Fredericksburg Tournament held in Master Uezu's honor during his visit.

1993 - Achieved USAKF Virginia State Judge certification
1993 – Competed at USAKF Regional Tournament, Akron, OH – 1st time as black belt (placed 4th out of 18 in division)
1994 – Achieved USAKF Virginia State Referee (Kumite) certification (youngest & only female certified at this time in VA) & served as Certified Judge at USAKF Regional Tournament in Akron, OH

1995 - Son Ryan was born!
1995 – Became student of Sensei John Devine of Lebanon, PA
1996 – Promoted to 2nd degree black belt
1996 – Trained with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace – Dover, DE (Sensei Reese Rigby’s dojo)
1988 – 1997 – Trained and taught at Rappahnannock Regional YMCA
1997 – Began Spencer’s Isshinryu Karate
1997 – Created a women’s self-defense program Women Defending Themselves!
1998 – Trained with Grand Master Angi Uezu – Dover, DE (8 months pregnant)
1998 - Daughter Karley was born!

1999-2007 – Taught for Stafford County Parks and Recreation
1999 – Promoted to 3rd degree black belt
2001 – Okinawan Rengokai Tournament – Atlanta, GA 3rd place, women’s sai
2002-2004 - Competed in AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Tournaments at the state, regional & national levels

2005 – Female Kata Grand Champion (kata, kobudo, & kumite)–OIKKA Friendship Tournament–Lebanon, PA
2006 – Promoted to 4th degree black belt

2006 – Female Weapons Grand Champion – OIKKA Friendship Tournament – Dover, DE
2007 – Opened independent dojo Spencer’s Isshinryu Karate, LLC

2007 – Isshinryu Hall of Fame, Female Kata Grand Champion – Gatlinburg, TN
2008 – Celebrating 20 years in Isshinryu Karate!!!
2009 – Traveled to Okinawa to represent Isshinryu while competing in the 2009 Okinawa Traditional Karate-Do World Tournament
2009 – Kata Grand Champion – Petersburg Karate Open, Petersburg, VA
2010 – OIKKA, Women’s Kata Grand Champion & Women’s Weapons Grand Champion – Dover, DE
2010 – Isshinryu Hall of Fame, Female Kata Grand Champion – Knoxville, TN