Karate Kids!

Spencer's Isshinryu Karate

IT’S TRUE & should be MANDATORY! 
We have all heard how martial arts changes lives, right? Well it’s true! As a professional martial arts instructor I have seen hundreds of students benefit physically, mentally, and of course emotionally.  If you’d like to give your child one of the most important gifts you can ever give your child – getting them started at Spencer’s Isshinryu Karate should top the list!

Our Karate Kids program is more than Kid Stuff, but the Kids LOVE IT!
Our karate kids (ages 7-12 yrs) program caters to boys and girls who want to develop their self-defense skills and most importantly their Life Skills.  Our exciting, fun and action packed classes provide complete martial arts training in a practical, fun and logical learning system.

Here at Spencer’s Isshinryu Karate, we like to WORK HARD and HAVE FUN!

Every class contains:


Imagine it….YOUR CHILD can SAY NO, and Mean IT!

How great will it be when your child develops rock solid confidence to stand up to negative peer pressure and bullies? Just imagine how proud you will feel when your child becomes the respectful young person you have always known they could be.  Imagine how great it will be when you see your child in fantastic physical shape and is as healthy as can be.  Imagine how great it will be when your child’s grades and attitude continually improve opening all the doors of their future for them.  Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, we see this each and every day!

Our classes are designed to ensure the success of all of our students. Spencer’s Isshinryu Karate holds separate classes by age as well as experience.  We give our students a classroom designed specifically for their age group helps them to learn faster, train safer, and have a whole lot of fun!

“How do we stop a bully?... With confident kids.”

Time to make the RIGHT DECISION!
Let’s face it…NOW is the time to start training at Spencer’s Isshinryu Karate of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  This just may turn out to be THE BEST decision you have ever made for yourself and your family!  No matter what your goal is, whether it is to become “a Black Belt” or to get into “great shape” or learn some “realistic self-dense skills” or get that “extra edge” in life!  WE ARE THE SCHOOL FOR YOU!!

We have countless Success Stories over the years! Are YOU ready to be the next? Give us a call right now at 540-642-1182 and one of our courteous and professional team members will help you take advantage of our Introductory Trial Program.  We offer this to make sure our school is the right one for you – so you have nothing to lose… but EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

We can’t wait to meet you!!