Welcome to Spencer's Isshinryu Karate in Fredericksburg , where our goal is to raise our student’s focus and self-esteem, by providing them the tools needed for increased confidence, self-discipline, and self-defense.  We aim to help build a strong and safer community, one student at a time.  We offer karate classes to student as young as 5 years, to adults. Our karate dojo has a family oriented environment where karate lessons are fun and exciting! It is one of the few karate schools in the area with a hometown owner/chief instructor.

Spencer's Isshinryu Karate

Traditional Okinawan Karate, Self-Defense and Fitness – You’ll get it ALL!
At Spencer’s Isshinryu Karate dojo our character development program encourages the formation of high personal standards, and an “I CAN” attitude.  Whether you are a young child, teen, or an adult, you will find that our programs and the training we provide will not only develop and enhance your current fitness level, but also your level of awareness and self-defense while keeping you more alert and providing you with more options in threatening situations.

Karate Classes