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Welcome to Spencer's Isshinryu Karate of Fredericksburg, Virginia

Welcome to Spencer's Isshinryu Karate, where our goal is to raise our student's focus and self-esteem, by providing them the tools needed for increased confidence, self-discipline, and self-defense. We aim to help build a strong and safer community, one student at a time! We teach students as young as 4 years, to adults.

Traditional Okinawan Karate, Self-Defense and Fitness - You'll get it ALL!

At Spencer's Isshinryu Karate our character development program encourages the formation of high personal standards, and an "I CAN" attitude. Whether you are a young child, teen, or an adult, you will find that our programs and the training we provide will not only develop and enhance your current fitness level, but also your level of awareness and self-defense while keeping you more alert and providing you with more options in threatening situations.

Here at Spencer's Isshinryu Karate, we like to WORK HARD and HAVE FUN! Every class contains:


Our friendly staff helps our students to evolve into black belts! As our students work toward becoming one of our black belts they get in fantastic shape - mentally, physically, and emotionally. In addition, our staff helps you or your child to develop values like courtesy, patience, respect, self-control and integrity. In addition, our students tell us that after training here for just a short amount of time, they have already seen tremendous boosts in their self-discipline, self-esteem, and a spirit of constant and never-ending improvement! These same students are proud that training here has helped them to develop an indomitable spirit that is helping them achieve more in school, at work and in their personal lives! Now is the time for YOU to make the RIGHT DECISION!

Truth is ... now is the time to start training at Spencer's Isshinryu Karate of Fredericksburg, Virginia. This just may turn out to be THE BEST decision you have ever made for yourself and your family! No matter what your goal is, whether it is to become "a Black Belt" or to get into "great shape" or learn some "realistic self-dense skills" or get that "extra edge" in life! WE ARE THE SCHOOL FOR YOU!!

No One Sits on the Bench at Spencer's Isshinryu Karate!

At Spencer's Isshinryu Karate our instructors are there to guide, instruct, and motivate each student to be THE BEST that they can be! We believe that in order to build a champion, an instructor needs to understand that each person has his or her own abilities. Our programs allow our students to find the inner-strength and confidence to know they can achieve anything they put their minds to. What better gift can you give a person in life!

We have countless Success Stories over the years! Are YOU ready to be the next? Give us a call right now at 540-286-1816 and one of our courteous and professional team members will help you take advantage of our Introductory Trial Program. We offer this to make sure our school is the right one for you - so you have nothing to lose ... but EVERYTHING TO GAIN!

We can't wait to meet you!!